Michelle (Trainee PE teacher) said: 

“All the schools seem to have a good relationship and communicate well with each other. There are lots of other trainees in either your home school or close partnership schools that you can compare experiences with”.


Katharine (Trainee Maths teacher) said:

“In the School Direct route I spend most of my time in school working as a teacher. This means that I have a lot more experience by the end of the year and feel less like a student most of the time. The support I have received from everyone at The Gryphon, in particular my mentor and ITTC has been amazing. Because I have been in the department from day 1, I feel like a valued part of the team”.


Primary School Teacher Trainee:

“I applied for three different School Direct training providers and when I received my offers it was an easy decision to choose North Dorset Partnership. Throughout the application process everyone I spoke to was very organised, well informed and honest. I was able to discuss with them my particular wants and wishes from my training and they have chosen my placement schools based on this even allowing me to visit the school for a day to make sure both parties were happy.

Some of the larger school direct programmes do not offer such a good service and you do not find out your placement school until a couple of weeks before you begin working there according to friends who have recently trained in these programmes”.

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