What our Trainees Say

Trainee Nicky answered a few questions for us.


Why did you decide to train to teach?

For many years I have worked with children in various different roles, I taught English as a Foreign Language in two Austrian secondary schools, worked in a hotel kids club/ nursery, offered private English tuition to speakers of German and more recently worked with primary aged pupils as a TA. Throughout all of these roles I enjoyed the variety, creativity and the reward you and the pupils feel when they progress in their learning journey. Teaching draws on a number of my talents and interests from art and music, coaching sport , English grammar, maths and modern languages. This amount of variety in a career would just about keep anyone engaged, motivated and driven.


Why did you choose School Direct as your training route?

I chose schools direct as a training option because I have recently spent the past two school years in a primary school and for my personality and style of learning this more school centred approach will give me everything I need to become a great teacher. Schools directs assigns you with a tutor/ teacher in your school who helps you and supports you through the processes of planning, evaluation and assessment. You also are assigned a second mentor in school to go to with any additional questions, issues etc. My School Direct programme with the North Dorset Partnership is partnered with Bath Spa University, which has an extremely good reputation for PGCEs and teacher training.


Why did you choose the North Dorset Teaching School Alliance for your training?

I applied for three different School Direct training providers and when I received my offers it was an easy decision to choose North Dorset Partnership. Throughout the application process everyone I spoke to was very organised, well informed and honest. I was able to discuss with them my particular wants and wishes from my training and they have chosen my placement schools based on this even allowing me to visit the school for a day to make sure both parties were happy. Some of the larger school direct programmes do not offer such a good service and you do not find out your placement school until a couple of weeks before you begin working there according to friends who have recently trained in these programmes.


What one piece of advice would you give to anyone who wants to train to teach?

Talk to people first. Make the right decision for you and speak to current teachers, recently qualified teachers and the programme managers of School Direct programme. You can find out so much before you make a decision as to which training route will suit you. The fees and costs are huge there’s no denying that but at the point I am in my life where I now want to change my career it is a short term financial hit for the huge benefit of a rewarding career for life.


What excites you most about becoming a qualified teacher?

I am now so close to the start of my course that I have given a lot of thought to my post training NQT year. The thing I am most looking forward to is finally having my own class. To see them progress the the year and to be responsible for their learning journey and enjoyment of school. To share my passions with them, get to know their personalities and to finally be at the start of my career as a teacher.